Please see information below about the Traffic Safety Petition for our school.

We, the nearby residents and parents of Wasatch Charter School do hereby petition the City of Holladay to:

1.   Install an on-demand, crosswalk across Murray-Holladay Rd at the top of the blind curve between E 4705 S and S 1590 E.  

REASON:  An on-demand crosswalk (such as are already installed along 4500 S at 1500 E and Wander lane) would slow traffic to allow safer pedestrian access to the green corridor between Big Cottonwood Regional park and walking trails behind the Olympus Senior Center and Holladay Lions Rec center.

2.   Implement a School Zone along Murray Holladay Road in front of the school.  

REASON: Reducing speed would shorten stopping distance needed and decrease driver response time, particularly around the  blind uphill curve east of the school.  A school zone would not interfere with the flow of traffic aside from during pick up and drop off times.

Traffic Petition Link

A few relevant facts:

25.51% of students live in a 2 mile radius

52.87% of students live in a 4 mile radius

72.83% of students live in a 6 mile radius

Murray Holladay Road is 40 miles per hour between Highland and 1300 E.  There is a blind uphill curve from the school to Kings Row cresting between E 4705 S and S 1590 E.  

There are little to no shoulders along this stretch of road, and no barriers protecting pedestrians and travelling students from 40 MPH traffic along M-H  Rd.

Drivers are unable to see slowed traffic or pedestrians around the curve until they have crested the top.  At 40 MPH this leaves little time to slow down or adjust course to avoid collision.