Three Care Streams of Student Support

A three-year development process

Phase I, “In the nest”  


During this phase we attended our first year’s training with Kim John Payne, formed the three committees, held several conference calls with Kim John Payne, conducted support circles, and incorporated the work into our faculty meetings. We developed guidelines for our faculty work, for our parent-teacher work, and for our work with children. We met weekly as a “Care Team” to discuss student needs and address emerging concerns.  We created the Hearth program and smaller classes, added recess monitors, and identified needs to the coming year.

Phase II, “Hatching out”


This phase is where we are now. We have completed our second year of training, and though the work is still in the beginning phases, it is becoming firmly rooted in our work together and with the children. We have greatly expanded the organization begun last year, adding more hours for our Social Inclusion Coordinator and Discipline and Guidance Coordinator and adding a 3 Streams Coordinator to our staff.  

More teachers will be trained this year to facilitate support circles so that we can do more of them. We are refining the work we do on “Three Streams” during our faculty meeting so that it becomes deeper and more effective. We are looking closely at our communication protocol with parents so that we can be transparent in our process, timely in our communications, and consistent in our approach.  We are working with teachers and staff on how to record and report behaviors and interventions, use 3 Streams for major incidents and refer students to the Student Support Executive Committee for more support.  We are also launching our Student Action Committee (SAC) and buddy classes in a campus-wide approach to “Compassionate Campus.”  

This is the year of piloting and refining the Three Streams approach.

Phase III, “Stretching our wings”


During this phase we incorporate as many of our aims as we can into our daily practices.  We develop strong coordinators and co-chairs for each of the 3 Care Streams. This will be our last year of training with Kim John Payne. This is the year we aim to establish our piloting efforts as school policy.

What lies ahead, “Full flight”


Just imagine how a unified campus will allow us to soar!

  • Parents will be informed and participate as partners in their children’s educational development
  • Eighth graders can be more involved with the SAC, first grade, and teaching norms and social skills in the school  
  • A full-time 3 Streams Coordinator and Social Inclusion Chair will allow for more cohesive and thorough communication
  • There will be more possibilities for sending the children “to” something rather than sending them out
  • 3 Streams will serve as an effective care and recovery room for those who are having trouble in the classroom
  • Our Healthy Communication Code will be the practice for all adults in our community and our Communication Support Team will be well-trained in mediation
  • Our faculty will be well-practiced and share a common vocabulary and set of tools to use in working with students and promoting positive behavior
  • Buddy classes will be well-established and facilitate a caring, protective social community for all students
  • Students needing smaller classroom spaces will receive therapeutic, remedial, behavioral and educational supports throughout the day
  • The Hearths will be staffed all day with individuals trained in providing therapeutic and remedial support to students