3 Streams & Student Support Overview

Wasatch Charter School is committed to healthy and successful students and healthy social relationships among students, teachers and all members of the school community. This value is reflected throughout the curriculum and implicit in the working of the school. Our school has adopted a student support process based on the work brought to us by Kim John Payne, who is respected worldwide for his work in helping children navigate challenge as well as conflict through a no blame approach.  

3 Streams integrates into our approach to serving students with disabilities and special needs through 504s and IEPs.  More details and information are available below.

3 Streams of Student Support: 3 Year Development Process

3 Streams Overview & Handbook

Special Education Overview

Special Education & Child Find Process

Carson Smith Scholarship

Special Education Policies and Procedures

504 Process

504 Parent Notice

504 Grievance Procedures

Individual Health Plan (IHP) Process

English Language Learners