The Mission of Wasatch Charter School

Creative thinkers, engaged citizens.

Wasatch Charter School is a K-8 tuition-free, charter school in the Salt Lake Valley guided by the principles of public Waldorf education that provides a comprehensive education program integrating academics, arts, movement, nature, and social responsibility into everyday learning. Through a culture of holistic learning and dedication to the optimal development of each individual child, WCS nurtures intellectual, social and emotional, and physical capacities through an artistic, hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to core academic subjects which enables each student to blossom into an imaginative, engaged, competent, life-long learner. Our students, teachers, faculty, and families emerge as confident, creative, strong critical thinkers and environmental stewards, empowered to act positively in their own lives and communities.

Mission in Action

Graduates will demonstrate creativity, social and emotional awareness, moral reasoning, physical abilities, and academic success in rigorous environments.

Wasatch Charter School will be recognized by the community as a highly desirable educational option and will be highly sought after by families in the surrounding community who maintain and seek enrollment.

Our school will cultivate a strong, Waldorf-certified faculty of engaged teachers who, together, develop a full academic curriculum inspired by Waldorf education that includes language arts and reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, science, multiple foreign languages, and character education taught with an emphasis on the natural world, as well as a specialty curriculum including visual and performing arts, speech, vocal and instrumental music, eurythmy and dance, physical education, handwork, woodwork, gardening, and animal husbandry.

WCS will offer a supportive and accepting environment for students of all abilities and backgrounds. The school community will involve families and reflect the diversity and culture present in the broader community.

WCS will be supported by strong parent volunteers, dedicated staff, and engaged students who strive together for life-long learning.

The growth and effectiveness of WCS may lead to an expansion of programming, including arts and parent/family support curriculum, additional K–8 campuses, a high school, and privately-operated, but philosophically aligned, pre-K and parent-toddler classes.