Board of Directors

Vision. Integrity. Understanding. Respect.

Wasatch Charter School is organized as a nonprofit corporation pursuant to the Utah Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act. Pursuant to its bylaws, a Governing Board of five-nine members governs WCS. In addition, the Governing Board includes the Executive Director and Business Administrator as ex officio members, bringing the total to eleven.

The Governing Board adheres to the philosophy that the ability of the school to carry out its mission and meet its goals depends heavily on the Governing Board’s ability to provide strategic direction, select and support strong school leaders, and ensure the financial stability of the school. To accomplish this goal, members of the Governing Board should possess personal qualities that can be summarized as: (1) the ability to see the “big picture” and the conviction to set the proper course to achieve the WCS mission; (2) the integrity to continually serve the interests and pursue the goals of WCS; (3) knowledge of the school, its stakeholders, its organizational structure, and its managerial acumen; and (4) possession of a respectful and professional attitude toward colleagues.

In addition to the many duties/responsibilities of the Governing Board, one of its key responsibilities is to ensure WCS is meeting and/or exceeding the benchmarks and goals established throughout its charter.


Board meeting minutes

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Board Annual Calendar 


Current Governing Board Members


Kim Haleck

Governing Board Vice-President and Board Development Committee Chair: BA in English and French; trained in Waldorf “Lifeways” Program; worked in Waldorf Early Childhood Program in San Francisco; parent.



Ary Faraji

Governing Board Secretary: PhD Entomologist; researcher; scientist; Adjunct Faculty at the University of Utah’s Public Health Department; Director of the Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement District; Advocate for Gnomies worldwide; Supporter of beneficial insects and destroyer of pests and vectors; Waldorf parent.




Joe Welch

Governing Board Member and Board Treasurer.  MBA; Business Professional with over 20 years experience in human resources; Sr. Director of Total Rewards at Extra Space Mgmt, Inc.; Waldorf parent.




Lisa Cannella

Governing Board Member and Marketing Committee Chair:  Entrepreneur; management, leadership, and marketing experience; community out-reach.




Kevin Emerson 

Governing Board Member and Facility Committee Member.  MSc; Salt Lake City native; clean energy and sustainability advocate; parent.



Charles Hastings

Governing Board Member.  BS in Geography; furniture maker, artist, and yoga instructor; parent.




Megan Zurkan

Governing Board Member and Fundraising and Marketing Committee Member. BS and Masters; professional in marketing, advertising, media relations and tourism; parent.



 Lauren Shurman

Governing Board Member and Chair of School LAND Trust Council: JD; MS in educational psychology; attorney at law, specializing in complex commercial litigation and employment law; former board member and volunteer to several nonprofits; Waldorf parent.


In accordance with the Utah Open Meetings Act, all Governing Board meetings will be posted on the State of Utah’s Open Meetings website and on the WCS electronic calendar.  Specific dates, times and locations may vary, but all will be updated on the calendar.