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Jo Greer

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Jo has taught in public schools for 27 years.  She has taught several grades, from preschool through high school.  A graduate from BYU with degrees in both Elementary Education and Special Education, Jo also received her early childhood certificate from Utah State University.  After extensive reading and study as well as attending a summer institute at the Rudolf Steiner College in California, Jo became convinced that Waldorf Education is the best way to help children and families learn.  A mother of 12 and grandmother of 33, Jo is thrilled to help children and families discover Waldorf education!

Gwen Wahlquist



Gwen grew up in Washington State amongst the majestic evergreen trees.  As a child she enjoyed playing in the woods, writing poetry, and horseback riding.  Gwen’s love of traveling started early on.  She has been fortunate to visit many wonderful parts of the world and hopes to see more.  She completed her Foundation year for Waldorf Education many years ago at Emerson College in England.  She also has a Bachelor of Science Degree with a pre-med concentration from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.  Creative pursuits led her to sunny Los Angeles where she spent several years in theater, teaching, behavior work, and starting a family.  Gwen stayed home with her daughters and then spent a few years in the Waldorf early childhood setting as an involved parent.  After her eldest daughter left the Kinderhaus and moved on to 1st grade, Gwen decided to stay.  Gwen holds a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Antioch University in New Hampshire.  She holds a Waldorf Early Childhood certificate from the Pleiades Initiative in Austin, Texas.  Gwen is finishing her thesis on festival puppet plays to gain her Masters of Education.  Gwen enjoys creative arts, writing, gardening, reading, wool fiber arts, and cooking mostly vegan food for her family.  She feels blessed to work in the kindergarten with the children and their families.

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1st Grade Teachers


Corinne Gentry



Corinne is grateful to have found her pedagogical home at Wasatch Charter School, passionate about the nurturing of children through head, heart, and hands.  She has a background in teaching in a public school as well as informal education, and is certified as an environmental educator in Utah.  Corinne loves the mountains, the moon, making music, and adventuring with her husband and 3 year old little wildling Liesl Fern.

Liza Hale

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I believe effective teaching should be fresh, alive, relevant, and equip students to utilize their education as a powerful tool for self-expression.

As a student, my most memorable educational experiences sparked my imagination and challenged what I thought I knew.  I keep this memory at hand as a classroom teacher. I believe education begins by establishing a sense of place and a basic code of respect for the people and materials in the classroom.  Once established under the guidance of the teacher, students begin a shared classroom experience that is designed to be a safe and productive learning environment.  I believe tapping into these experiences helps to calibrate one’s sense of place in the world and at the same time yields a lifetime of discovery.

As a teacher it is my responsibility to cultivate an atmosphere where students are comfortable asking questions, taking chances, and trying new things. I strive to create opportunities for hands on exploration in and out of the classroom – places where students take responsibility for their learning, identify their passions, solve problems together, become resourceful self-motivated learners, and have fun.








1st Grade Assistants

1440408_1001 Heather McEntire


Heather is so excited to be a part of the Wasatch Charter School team.  She has 2 years’ experience as a classroom teacher and multiple years assisting in educational settings.  She enjoys hiking, reading, and skiing with her family.

2nd Grade Teachers



Even Barrett-Caston



Even’s Haiku:
Even, from west toEast, 15 years, many hats. Stays in the moment.I have degrees in both Philosophy and in the study of world religion. I am working toward a MA in special education. I am proud of my work launching the “building Blocks ” math curriculum in NYC and have worked as an early childhood music and movement specialist At Bank Street College. Pedagogical approaches that I have worked with include Montessori, Reggio Emilia and creating Special needs inclusive environments.   I grew up by the beach in California and love to swim. I love hiking and biking and studying the local flora and fauna. I enjoy carpentry and I love to cook, especially baking bread.






Jessie Huish



Jessie Huish has been a student of the arts since she was a youth. Jessie attended the Waterford School from PreK-12th grade. She spent all of her spare time during middle and high school in the darkroom, working with black and white film photography.  After high school, Jessie went on to study photography at Brigham Young University, earning her Bachelor’s of Arts. Throughout her college years, Jessie began creating and selling handbound books, jewelry, paper goods, and other handmade goods. Alongside with her husband, Trevor, and a couple of friends, Jessie opened and ran an eclectic shop in downtown Provo, UT.

Almost four years ago, Jessie and her family moved from Provo to Salt Lake City. She has enjoyed spending the last three years being at home with her two kids, Hazel- 6, and Moon- 3.  In January 2015, Jessie began teaching Elementary Art at the American International School Of Utah. Jessie found that forging her passion for creativity, with her desire for instilling a sense of wonder into young minds has been immensely rewarding. For Jessie, Waldorf schooling is a fitting extension of her ideals, both at home and in the classroom. Jessie is looking forward to learning alongside her students as well as continuing on with them year after year.

3rd Grade Teachers



Emily Cox


Emily is very excited to be teaching at Wasatch Charter School.  She graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Educational Studies and studied special education and dance as well.  Emily and her family have lived in Salt Lake City for 5 years and enjoy hiking, gardening, and traveling together.


Robert Macdonald


Previous to his work at Wasatch Charter School, Robert taught for 8 years in college and high school classrooms.  He also spent 2 years assisting in a Waldorf preschool in Utah County.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Folklore and a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature

Kelly Corson


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4th Grade Teachers



Shawn Carter , Assessment Director


Mr. Carter has a Masters of Education with emphasis in Education Leadership, and a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science with emphasis in Physical Education pedagogy and coaching.  He also has a minor degree in Spanish.  Mr. Carter has been fondly called Coach Carter at two different charter schools over the past 7 years.  He has also taught health, leadership, Spanish, and applied science.  He has served as an Assistant Director, Athletics Director, and as an Assessment Director.  He is excited to serve the students at Wasatch Charter School and to continue to grow professionally.  Mr. Carter has many interests.  He enjoys playing the guitar and making up silly new songs with his 4 children.  He frequently has outdoor adventures with his friends and family.  His favorite forms of exercise are swimming, hiking, biking, skiing, and playing sports.  He also enjoys cooking and he likes eating really spicy food.  Mr. Carter’s hero and inspiration for becoming an educator was his mother.  She taught him at home for a time in grade school, and epitomized a love for lifelong learning.  This love for learning, coupled with a whole lot of grit, continue to assist Mr. Carter to succeed and to help others succeed.  He is thrilled to be part of Wasatch Charter School and hopes to cultivate a love for learning in his pupils.



5th Grade Teacher


Brittany Harris


Brittany graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Utah.  While obtaining her degree, she had a unique opportunity to work with students, teaching science and assisting with the English as a Second Language program.  Eager to be involved, she worked with various after-school programs teaching journalism and Jazz/Ballet dance.  These experiences instantly ignited her love for teaching.  The spark continued after graduating from the University of Utah as Brittany moved to California and worked at a local elementary school as an assistant.  During this experience, she decided to obtain her Teaching Credential from California State University-San Marcos with an increased understanding of differentiating lesson plans and more importantly addressing various students’ needs and learning styles.  While learning classroom management, the program improved her appreciation of creating hands-on lessons.  After having her daughter, Brittany developed a true appreciation and understanding of child development and the need to embrace the individual child as a whole.  She further understood that each child progresses at his or her own developmental pace socially, emotionally, and physically while expressing his or herself in many forms.  After serving 10 years as part of a military family, Brittany and her family are returning to Utah.  Brittany is thrilled to be relocating back to the area and feels very privileged to be given this incredible opportunity with Wasatch Charter School.  In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, long walks, and going to see any theater productions.
Sean McKelvie 3rd or 5th Grade ?


 Sean McKelvie


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6th Grade Teacher



Michelle Simmons


I am a fifth generation educator. My father was a college literature professor and the greatest storyteller I’ve known. He took us from Grand Junction, Colorado where I was born, to Idaho, Minnesota, Ohio, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee as he taught and studied. When I entered 6th grade, we moved to Oxford, Mississippi. I later met my husband while attending college there.  In college, my mother created a gourmet deli and gift shop. I spent many, many hours preparing delicious food. I began catering during that time. My husband and I moved to Birmingham, Alabama and then to Memphis, Tennessee before we moved to Taos, New Mexico. We lived in the mountains of Taos, NM for 15 years. We helped to build an earthship in which we lived for 5 years. We had 11 milk goats and 42 chickens as well as a large garden, full of yummy beets and carrots. I still love to grow food and prepare it. I love working with my hands, creating art and craft. I love to be in mountains. I love animals. I love to learn.I have been teaching for 25 years, licensed in Tennessee and New Mexico. I have been teaching using Waldorf methods for more than 8 years.  I have been married for 33 years and have one amazing child. We share our home with two sweet, small terriers and one large orange cat.My father’s brother lives in Provo with his wife. I have cousins scattered in the West.  My sister and her family live in Arizona. My brother lives in Poland and my mother lives in Minnesota.We are thrilled to be joining Wasatch Waldorf Charter School. We look forward to exploring Utah again and in greater detail than we have before.

7th Grade Teacher


Arthur Morris


Arthur Morris has a passion for teaching and learning, particularly outdoors. He loves reading, art, water sports, animals, good food, good friends, and generally exploring nature. He does not like lima beans, saying goodbye to friends, or pollution. He has taught students of all ages in a variety of settings. He received a PhD in Natural Resources (the Ohio State University, 2005), master’s degree in ecology/biology (Utah State University 2002), and bachelor’s degrees in biology and mining engineering (University of Utah 1996). He also earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education (Utah State University 2002) with a middle school math emphasis. His professional career includes independent consulting, specializing in applying science principles to adaptive management and structured decision-making processes. He worked for 9 years as Conservation Stewardship Director for Utah’s statewide land trust, Utah Open Lands Conservation Association. He has taught as adjunct faculty for Westminster College, Salt Lake Community College (teaching pre-algebra and elementary algebra) and Brigham Young University–Idaho online (teaching environmental stewardship). He enjoys challenging students with pertinent problems and exploring ideas with them. Currently he lives in Salt Lake City with his beautiful wife and five daughters.

8th Grade Teacher  Phil Carter


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