Deb has always had a hands-on approach to the education of her daughters.  While working in their school on a volunteer basis, she continued to study and learn about different learning methods, techniques, and philosophies, realizing that their education was only addressing one aspect of her children.  She is passionate about life-long learning and personal growth.  Deb loves nature and being outdoors, finding beauty in all that surrounds us.  You will often find her family on hikes and bike rides, collecting rocks, shells, and sticks along the way.  She likes to incorporate natural elements into her creative projects and artwork around her home.  She has 4 beautiful, fun-loving daughters and 2 busy grandsons.  She is excited to join the Wasatch Charter School team and to be a part of the development of not only her own daughters, but also other children and their unique individuality.  Deb is looking forward to being in the school office where she can get to know the students and parents of the Waldorf family.

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