Jessie Huish has been a student of the arts since she was a youth. Jessie attended the
Waterford School from Pre K-12th grade. She spent all of her spare time during middle and
high school in the darkroom, working with black and white film photography. After high
school, Jessie went on to study photography at Brigham Young University, earning her
Bachelor’s of Arts. Throughout her college years, Jessie began creating and selling
handbound books, jewelry, paper goods, and other handmade goods. Alongside with her
husband, Trevor, and a couple of friends, Jessie opened and ran an eclectic shop in
downtown Provo, UT.

Almost four years ago, Jessie and her family moved from Provo to Salt Lake City. She has
enjoyed spending the last three years being at home with her two kids, Hazel- 6, and Moon3.
In January 2015, Jessie began teaching Elementary Art at the American International
School Of Utah. Jessie found that forging her passion for creativity, with her desire for
instilling a sense of wonder into young minds has been immensely. rewarding. For Jessie,
Waldorf schooling is a fitting extension of her ideals, both at home and in the classroom.
Jessie is looking forward to learning alongside her students as well as continuing on with
them year after year.

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