Enrollment at Wasatch Charter School

A lottery will be held to randomly award seats at WWCS to students should there be more applicants for a given grade than there are available seats.

For the 2016-2017 school year, the first lottery was held in January 2016.  Parents may still apply for open seats and to be added to the wait list for the 2016-2017 school year.  The next lottery will be in March, after which additional students will be admitted in any grades where there are vacancies.  Additional students will be accepted throughout the spring and summer for open seats or to add to the wait list.  Parents will be notified as to whether their students have been accepted and will be required to provide additional registration information and documentation to hold a place at WCS for the 2016-2017 school year.


Registration Information will include:

  • Completed Registration Forms
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Current Immunization Record
  • Proof of Vision Screening (Kindergarten only)
  • Special Education Information (if applicable) – If your student has been serviced in Special Education, we will need to obtain a current copy of the IEP or 504 so that our resource team can address the needs of your student. Wasatch Charter School will request records from your student’s current school upon registration.
  • Proof of Custody / Guardianship (if applicable)

How many students may enroll?

Wasatch Charter School will accept up to 60 students in kindergarten. Kindergarten students will attend either morning kindergarten (40 students) or afternoon kindergarten (20 students).  Up to 20 morning kindergarten students may participate in the kindergarten after-care program.

Up to 60 students may be accepted in each grade 1-8.

For the 2016-2017 school year, all 540 seats are available for enrollment.


How does the lottery process work?

The lottery process is done completely at random.  Preference is given to the siblings of students already enrolled. In addition, based on state law, up to 5% of enrollment may be reserved for the children of employees and founders of WCS. Otherwise all students are admitted randomly.


How do I transfer to a new school?

Utah State Law governs student transfers between Utah’s public charter schools and school districts.

If a student has accepted enrollment to WCS for the school year and the parent wishes to withdraw the student from WCS for enrollment in another Utah charter school or school district, the parent of a student enrolled at WCS must obtain approval from both the WCS administration and the Utah school district or charter school in which enrollment is sought. The WCS administration will provide such approval once notice of approval by the new school as been received.

If a student wishes to enroll at WCS but has accepted enrollment to another Utah charter school for the school year, the student’s parent must obtain approval from both the WCS administration and the Utah charter school in which the student is already enrolled. Student records will be released as soon as all appropriate paperwork is completed.