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FAQ for Potential Staff:

What are the requirements for hiring?

All teachers hired at WCS must be certified to teach in Utah.  If a qualified and interested individual has a bachelor’s degree and promise as a Waldorf teacher or a certification from another state, s/he may be hired to teach at WCS if s/he can guarantee that a plan for being fully state-certified within three years of the hiring date will be worked out with the State of Utah through the Alternative Route to Licensure Process and if the plan is being actively pursued during the intervening years.

All specialty teachers who will be working with students without the direct supervision of a certified class teacher or administrator, must also have a bachelor’s degree or higher and state certification.

All teachers will also be expected to have a plan in place to obtain Waldorf certification and be making consistent progress towards that objective during their time teaching at WCS.  Preference in hiring will be given to teachers with Waldorf certification and/or teaching experience.  Pay differentials will also reward teachers for these credentials.

What types of teachers are needed at WCS?

Because the quality of teaching is the key to the Waldorf approach, WCS expects to hire the most engaged and committed teachers.  Teachers will be sought to teach in classrooms from Kindergarten through eighth grade.  In addition, specialty teachers will be hired in physical education / movement, music, Spanish, handwork and eurythmy.  Part-time teachers and artisans may also be hired to teach gardening, woodworking, art, speech and drama.

What if I am not a Waldorf-certified teacher?

WCS recognizes that it is unlikely that the majority of teachers will be Waldorf-certified in the first year.  However, it is expected that all teachers hired at WCS begin a training program to obtain Waldorf certification.  During the initial years of training, many supports will be provided to teachers including:  professional development and workshops, the mentoring of an experienced Waldorf teacher who will serve as Pedagogical Director, and other pre-service training programs.