Ms. Siri (Melissa) Hamilton, was initially drawn to teaching by experiencing
an openness of heart through her own exploration of the learning process. She
contemplated the true nature and responsibility of a teacher most intimately as a mother of twins who are now twenty-three and in relation to her daughter who is now nine. Siri believes that teaching is a process of modelling behaviors that create promoting habits and invoke curiosity; allowing imagination and wonder to unfold.

Ultimately, she understands that she can teach and guide others to the extent that she can spark her own inner light, to then inspire through conscious relatable communication. Soul based inquires related to creative expression motivated her to complete a BA in Art History from BYU in 1993. She had the opportunity travelling abroad in Europe on scholarship. Based in Florence, Italy, she travelled by train to surrounding cities and historical sites. Her awareness expanded of the inner longing of the human soul to transmit emotion, core values, culture and universal truths. Her experiences inspired her to work with K-6 children as an art docent in various public elementary schools in the Bay Area of California and in various Utah school districts. She has collaborated with educators to supplement specialty subjects into curriculum including: Art, Humanities, Yoga, and emotional regulation skills for neurological balance. One of Siri’s most transformative accomplishments was a successful summit climb of Mount Rainier, WA in 2006. This experientially inspired her to further explore the mind/body/spirit connection and the power of harnessing the mind to stay present. As a certified teacher of both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and meditation for over 16 years, Siri Om has been devoted to assisting students to use technologies of mind-body awareness to walk through their fears, release worries and stress and come to a place of inner calm, strength, and joy! Ms. Siri has recent experience working in both a Montessori K-8 public charter and a hybrid Montessori/traditional school environment, which has provided her with an appreciation of the challenges in supporting holistically and developmentally appropriate curriculum while balancing common core awareness. Siri is excited to join the Wasatch Waldorf community as she trusts she will learn exponentially alongside mentors with great diversity of perspective and experience. Ms. Siri is also enthusiastic about her new journey in the Master of Education and Waldorf Teacher Certification program at Antioch University, New England.

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