Erin has happily worked in the foodservice and café industry for many years:  her first job at 13 in the camp kitchen, and then her first “real” job at a coffee shop at 16.  She has worked for delis in natural foods stores and also waited tables at restaurants.  In her 20’s, she moved to Portland, Oregon, where she was able to continue her venture into the foodie world, working in more food environments, her favorite being a locally-renowned Mediterranean café.  In the mid-90’s, she made her way back to the Salt Lake valley, and shortly after began her family.  When her 2 children were young, she ventured out into the world of hair dressing and had an enjoyable, creative time, appreciating the flexibility the industry provided a young mother.  When her kids were school age, they attended the Open Classroom, a local charter school, where as a parent she participated in the co-op classroom from 3 to 6 hours per week, and welcomed the community and learning that a small charter school provided.  In August of 2010, Erin had the amazing opportunity to open her own café.  Café Solstice has been so far a wonderful adventure full of learning, love, and accomplishment.  Her years of being in the food industry created a strong base of knowledge in daily operations, and the opportunity of ownership gave her the freedom for creative expression in menu development.  Erin has been given valuable lessons in learning how to manage staff, organize and order inventory, and generally see the big picture.  She is still committed to keeping Café Solstice a thriving business in the Salt Lake community, and she is also looking forward to new opportunities that will help her continue to learn and grow.

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